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Who We Are

Katie Black Frost

Katie Black Frost spent her school years in several different American cities, but the one constant was her summer vacation time on Eleuthera. It was rare then for tourists to visit Eleuthera in the summer, and she and her family had a wonderful time exploring the island and getting to know the friendly Eleutheran people. Her parents subsequently bought a boat and cruised to many of the 700 Bahamian cays and islands, but every trip would always bring them back “home” to Eleuthera. Katie owned a communications consulting company in Atlanta, Georgia for thirty years and became accomplished at writing, editing, and layout. Several years ago she escaped to Eleuthera on sabbatical and met the man she later married. Katie and her husband now spend half the year on the island and Katie feels at home once again. Katie, along with both Marc and Harry, sees the production of this book as an act of love for Eleuthera and its people.

Marc Coeffic

Marc Coeffic was born and raised in France and is a self-reported “pictures/photos/images/paintings-obsessed freak.” Influenced by many of the photography masters, Marc became a fashion agent for photographers in Paris in the 1980s. Twenty years ago he moved to Eleuthera, and eight years later he decided to take his turn behind the viewfinder. Marc’s goal is to look at his environment through the camera with a new eye, even if the place is well known to him. He loves black-and-white photography which he says “tremendously enhances” ordinary scenes. Marc is very proud to introduce “his” Eleuthera through his photos in this book. Marc’s passion and admiration for this exceptional part of the world is mirrored in his work.

Anton “Harry” Paungger

Anton “Harry” Paungger was born and raised in Italy, and pursued his interest in photography from an early age. When he was only 13 he made his first photographic experiments with a pinhole camera. He later changed over to a roll-film camera, developing the black-and-white film and printing the images with a primitive enlarger in a very simple darkroom. Harry’s passion for photography ignited when he bought his first single-lens reflex camera, which led then to color slide film. During his extensive travels from Italy he developed a talent for portrait photography, depicting people in their natural environment and trying to outline their essential characteristics. Harry fell in love with Eleuthera in 1996. Ten years later he was able to retire and now he spends a good amount of his year on the island trying to catch its spirit in his photographs.